• jtressell

    Jim Tressel, President of Youngstown State University

    Thursday May 25th CRT had the privilege of hosting Jim Tressel, President of Youngstown State University. Mr. Tressel toured CRT, spent a short time with the CRT leadership team and gave a presentation at our regularly scheduled all-employee meeting. For those that aren’t familiar with Mr. Tressel, he coached the OSU Buckeye football team from 2001 to 2010. He is one of the most accomplished figures in college football history with 229 career wins, nine bowl appearances, nine title game appearances, six Big Ten Titles and five National Championship victories. Although many remember him for his legendary sweater vests, Coach Tressel is far more widely associated with winning. Fittingly in 2008 he published a book titled, The Winners Manual. In his short time with us, Mr. Tressel shared some insight in to his winning formula and the similarities between his successes and CRT’s. He challenged all of us to greatness and gave us some things to really consider as we grow as individuals, leaders and as an organization. He stressed for us to always remember our history and to share that history with new hires. He described how important it is to vividly recall past successes and failures and use those as guides. Mr. Tressel talked a lot about the importance of constant evaluation; evaluating yourself, evaluating others and evaluating processes. We got an inside look at how OSU players would be evaluated after each day of practice; on a scale ranging from NC (National Champ) to MB (Maize & Blue – you’re actually helping your opponent)! Likewise, he shared how players would evaluate the coaches, staff and organization annually. Mr. Tressel challenged us to really think about how we define success as a company, explaining that at OSU they defined success as “the inner satisfaction of doing the best for the team.” Bringing things full circle, Mr. Tressel shared with us the five keys that he has found to be the most certain recipe for anyone to reach their full potential; keys that are certainly not foreign to the amazing team we have here at CRT!