Here at CRT we help make airplanes some of the safest machines in the world. That’s a BIG statement, and we mean it to be that big, because that is WHAT WE DO. Millions and millions of people each day, all around the globe, board an aircraft preparing for flight to visit a relative, attend a convention, enjoy a family vacation or head to a customer to make a sales visit. Think about how we have all come to take this journey for granted; like driving our car to the corner grocery for tomorrow’s milk.

    In the United States alone there are over 25,000 commercial passenger flights each day. That’s between 50,000 and 100,000 high-bypass turbofan gas turbine engines that provide the thrust to allow a plane to take-off and land safely EACH DAY. Multiply that number by 2, 4 or even 6 times and you will begin to understand the magnitude of how many times each day a jet engine must perform safely around the world. Amazing numbers aren’t they?

    WHAT WE DO specifically as our part of helping to maintain this giant fleet of commercial aircraft engines is to inspect, repair and return for service individual aircraft engine components sent to us by airlines, engine manufacturers and other repair stations. After receiving a component to be repaired, we clean it, inspect it, note all of its deficiencies and provide a fully detailed repair plan to the customer. After the customer approves that plan we begin our repairs – welding, dimensionally restoring, and replacing parts of the component, using very detailed and specific work instructions provided by the original manufacturer of the component. Once we have completed the entire repair plan, we provide an airworthiness certificate stating the component may be placed back into service.

    Certainly much about repairing a component is a science, but it also is an art. The passion, skill, attention to detail, quality and pride that goes into each and every operation of the repair process is what makes WHAT WE DO here at CRT the most important job in the world. Every hand at CRT that touches a component during the repair process is touching a part that will soon be mounted under the wing of possibly the next aircraft you fly upon. Think about that. Think about looking out from your window seat and seeing that engine that you may have touched providing the energy to keep your aircraft heading toward your destination. We help take people places….SAFELY.

    Have a look at the following pages of our website to see if any of your skills match the wide variety of processes we perform here in Mentor, OH. If you have the passion, desire and are searching for the challenge of being part of an exciting, rapidly expanding industry, then come join our team at Component Repair Technologies and become a special part of WHAT WE DO.